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50 Pride Hill 

Shrewsbury Shropshire

Client: Thorntons

Contractor: CBS Conservation

What was intended to be a simple redecoration of this prominent building in Shrewsbury's Town centre turned into a serious restoration project.

Distortion across the front elevation and in particular the roof resulted in rainwater discharging onto the timber frame rather than than guttering with predictable results.  Decay  discovered in the frame extended vertically from eaves to ground floor. In addition to this evidence of a previous campaign of repair was revealed which was at best unsympathetic. 

The building construction was complicated by the fact that the projecting gable was not an original feature and had been attached to the building in manner which was not immediately apparent; care had to be taken not to destabilise the building as it was not clear what was actually supporting or attaching the gable back to the main timber frame.

Our role was to control the pace of the work, interpreting the construction as it was revealed, appraising its condition and directing repairs.

We especially liked working CBS as their craftsman appreciated the importance of the situation and when you examine the completed works it is not easy to distinguish the repairs - the sign of good workmanship and collaboration. 


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