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Stipperstones Minsterley Shropshire

Client: Natural England & English Heritage

Architect: Phil Belchere - Shropshire Council

Contractor: CBS Conservation

Restoration of two 1800's miner/squatter cottages located above Snailbeach lead mines in an remote and inhospitable environment. The buildings have been unoccupied since the 1950's and were in danger of disappearing.

Temporary support for the remnants of Davies’s Cottage involved careful and phased consolidation of the masonry elements.

Often with conservation projects our intention is to  preserve everything at any cost - which may be possible if you have unlimited funds however frequently as we become more familiar with the construction it becomes clear to all parties that some parts of the construction are beyond saving – Conservation colleagues accept this as long as you can demonstrate that you have done everything in your power to save it.

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