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Gesail 'Back Barn'

Cwm Cywarch Dinas Mawddwy Gwynedd

Client: Patrick Mimms
Contractor: Paul Cook
Funder:  Snowdonia National Park – Arwel Thomas

Gesail Barn is a rare and valuable example of Welsh agricultural building vernacular; described as a ‘backbarn’ it is the earliest building on the site with features suggesting the origin format was as a ’long house’ i.e. a combination of domestic and agricultural.

Similar with many redundant agricultural buildings the construction had been in gradual decline for many years however a notable loss of stability in the gable masonry prompted swift action to prevent collapse.

This presented an opportunity not only to address the gable masonry but also undertake a long overdue general renovation of the construction with the challenge being to minimise disruption. We were committed to recovering and strengthening the roof and also consolidating the masonry walls which included localised underpinning.  The exercise was carefully and thoughtfully carried out with regular reviews by all involved.

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