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The Pump House 

Coton Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire 

Client: Indigo 7, SABC, Advantage West Midlands

Architect: Pidduck & Whittaker

Contractor: Galliers

A public-private joint venture showcasing low energy sustainable design. The scheme has been rated as Excellent under the BREEAM Environmental Assessment Methodology.

The building was originally a Victorian Waterworks and pumping station and in more recent years was used as a social club. The property owned by Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council came on the open market in 2006 and Indigo Seven and the Borough Council together formed a joint venture with Water Management Consultants Pension Fund and raised additional funding through AWM and the Rural Regeneration Zone.

The scheme involved combining two separate masonry buildings by adding an extension. The site was very constrained as it was wedged between the river and main road. Two road side cottages were demolished to make way for the extension and the remaining area outside of the extension foot print was no more than five metres. Consideration had to be given to all the elements to ensure that construction was practical. A steel reinforced concrete raft was adopted to float over the ground - a masonry plinth to raised the ground floor above the flood and levels [suspended concrete pre cast floor] The timber frame kit was delivered from the yard and assembled on site. The only item requiring a road closure was the replacement roof trusses over the road side building.

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